About Us

The Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office

comprises three sections, responsible for the  school

budget, internal audit, and financial reports



The 1st Division Job Missions

  1. the school and the University(including University and The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School)
  2. School Fund Management Committee affairs
  3. Cooperative educational projects account management
  4. Continuing education projects account management
  5. Donations account management


The 2nd Division Job Missions 

  1. School budget distribution and account management
  2. Organizational subsidies projects account management
  3. In-service programs account management
  4. Monitoring the procurement process of construction work, property, and service


The 3rd Division Job Missions 

  1. Preparation of financial reports 
  2. Audition of cashier affairs
  3. Preparation of  various types of  vouchers(excluding continuing education, education cooperation and donation)
  4. Accounting archives keeping